Getting hurt is no fun, buts its something that every athlete has to deal with.  My workouts have been great but I tweaked something in my right shoulder last week so I’ve had to lay off the upper body work outs.

What I’ve learned in the past is to not get down on things but to use the time to really improve on something else.  Because I can’t work out my upper body I have concentrated on my lower body and have had some awesome leg work outs.

Besides the injuries I’m still need to put my goals in writing on here. I will get it done soon.  It’s all a process that I’m continuously working on!

the Start

Where to start…I have been thinking about writing a golf blog for the past few months and I’m a few days late getting started. This was suppose to start in the new year.

The one thing I new I wanted to do when I was growing up was to play on the PGA Tour.  I have had injuries and done other things over the last ten years but in 2010 all I’m going to do is golf.  I want to see how good I can get. It’s going to be tough, frustrating, and a lot of fun.

The last four days have consisted of good work outs and a lot of eating. One of my goals is to put on some weight so my routine of lately is extra dinners at midnight. I just pounded a nice turkey sandwich.

I’m done for now….I’ll post my goals up here soon.